Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fragile Bones

In these never ending days
I face
The reality of mortal change
takes place

A feeble mind
due to age
has progressed with time
I find

Wrinkles become my covering
Weathered hands are apparent
from toiling the land
where I have lived
for years gone by

This body
She is frail
Without fail
My joints feel pain
that was once unexpected

I am old now
I have taught many
I am wiser

And yet
without warning
A season has risen
causing confusion within me


Are now contending
with the elements of natures fiery

Early in the quiet morning
A Catastrophic Disaster has set in clear view
Who new
Uncontrollable flooding would zoom in on Northern Pakistan

Consuming the life of many
My countrymen
and the precious children

Who's lives
have not been fully lived
still in cribs

My life is close to the end
With resentment
I have survived
A question without and answer
I don't understand

Treading throughout the muddy roads
With callous feet
The heat unbearable

Homes washed away
I never thought
I would live to see this day

All that we worked for
All that we have built
Not even the rich could avoid

Terrified and alone
I have no place to call home

I walk side by side
in the daylight
at night
with strangers
as nomads

They have now become my family

Due to numerous commonalities
We are all suffering
We are all in need
We are all hungry
without food to eat

Tears we cry
as we defy the odds of survival
Shattered soul
on the verge of loosing hope

There in the far off distance
is assistance
For the starving

Trucks by the loads
Carrying food
to distribute

My eyes cannot see
even with the thickness of my glasses
This one thing
that was saved

Many run
I am not one
I can't move any faster
I am still worthy to be fed

I will believe that I am not forgotten
Even in the far off distance
I rest upon that
who will notice me
Who will see me
and help me

Providing me with something to eat and drink

I am your elder
you see

I am hungry