Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunsets Healing

When i was tooking this picture at 'headmarala' rangers took me out fromt their and i was fighting with them for one last image of this sunset, the officer allow me to do that... (at headmarala security and rangers didnt allow any one to have some camera.. and i was have my D-80.. ;-)

Ohhh gosh i am in love with my this picture, sun was goes down but the clouds were saying bye bye to sun .....  I beleive that you neeed that eye to see around you the serenity, love and peace of the nature

Color of natures are always have strong impact on your attitudes, moods and feeligns... just see this picture quietly and see you will find the peace.. 


  1. looking at these pictures i was simply lost in words...the serene beauty captured by you is beyond words...the colour composition, lightings,the moment and the fine detail is very essential to produce a good picture....and as a phtographer you have suceeded very well...
    Well done Zubair..