Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Nature always speaks, in this landscape the tree and the clouds making great scene and camera were in my hand... and captured it.. :-)

Local populace talk about this tree, that it is round about 400 years old and it was basically a place where the people rested while traveling on Jhelum River (Punjab)

i dont know why i took this picture, but felt some thing in it, while the sun goes down and this tree seems very much in grief without sunlight

Friend was looking at the texture of Bawli, and i got the lovely frame..... ;-)

Pedestrian way for the people above the Train Line, it was built by the Mughal Empires before the Partition of Subcontinent  

after long time i got a lovely sunset and i am in love with it 

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Copyright 2011
Photography: Zubair Amanat
at Bawli, G.T Road

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  1. Nature is beautifuly captured .....and the sunset picture is simply amazing....