Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Art of the Nations

This tomb is situated in Gujrat, while you are traveling towards Gujrat from Jalalpur Jattan road, it will be on your left side when you are crossing the village Beowali.

 Whenever i take a look on tomb from road, ever i wished to see this peace of Art

this tomb is going destroy by the addicted people of near village, their is no one to save this history and peace of Art of the nations

Front Wall of the Tomb

Inner Walls of the Tomb

Roof of the Tomb
Outside View

a Front Complete View

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Copyright (c) 2011
Photography : Zubair Mir 
District Gujrat


  1. The fine details of the tomb is beautifuly captured..

  2. its in my village (Beowali) area...an old hindu mandar.
    by the way i like you pics, awesome snaps

  3. It is surprizing that despite the concern of the people in general, the archeological department is so callous about preservation of such old sites! Zubair, I congratulate your photography and salute your concern!