Monday, March 28, 2011

My Beautiful Pakistan:

 i wished in our tours, to capture  the sunrise in my camera and at last that times comes when i see 2 sunrises and 3 moons. This sunrise really gives me a new courage and delight in my heart to find that beauty of natures which is endlessly scattered every where.

 The Other beautiful sunrise while traveling

while traveling on KKH along with "the Mighty Indus" this is a like Taxi Cable Car which took 2 rupees for crossing the river. But the interesting point of that Cable Taxi Car is its speed,  it was like a bullet train crossed the river in 7 seconds .... just woww..

And this Goofy (Rauf) is also our friend and was with us in Chillas "The Madness Tour", he really makes fun while traveling, well have to say thanks to this goofy who really give us laughs .. Thanks Buddy ... 

Oh friends hold it tightly... otherwise you will be mashed ....

 The fancy fertilizing on hills

 Between two road the beautiful landscape

 Just in awwwwww, not to see that river, but the deadly accompanying of this river with road, i never can forget this river and road

Copyright 2011
Photography: Zubair Mir
on Chillas Road

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  1. I wish I can come one day myself and see this amazing country.Beautifull !
    Merja (Finland)